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01 process

My works are inspired by a mixture of high fashion, pop culture, and the natural world. 


I begin each artwork with a hand cut frame that is then set and installed into the base of the piece. Each piece is built up in layers using high-grade resin and materials to create a 3D effect that plays with light and shadow.


I work from a unique treasure box full of pearls, gems, paper, glitter, metal foiling, and found objects. My technique relies on ornate detailing: beading, hand-painted embellishments, and shimmery materials which are thoughtfully enlaced into each design.


Each piece is one-of-a-kind and and comes with a personalized backing, ready to be hung.


Full process videos can be found via TikTok or Instagram.

02 portfolio

03 clients


I love working together with my clients to create custom pieces. whether for a home, office, or something a little more unconventional, I am up for new opportunities to showcase my work. My goal is to create bold style that surprises and elevates even the tamest of spaces.

In regards to shipping, custom pieces, and collaborations I am always available to connect via email or by phone.


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